Kiwi Foods

Kiwi Foods explains about FMCG and its Challenges

Kiwi Foods

Kiwi foods is one of the leading chip manufacturers in India and they have been at this position for quite a few years now. Kiwi foods has achieved this position of being these chips manufacturers in India after successfully overcoming all the challenges of the FMCG industry. Like all other industries, FMCG also has its own set of challenges. Some of these have moved and shifted over a certain period, whereas others remain the same. These changes constantly make different scales of impacts on various sectors of the industry and various brands such as Kiwi foods. Kiwi foods is a leading name as chips manufacturer in India as well as snack manufacturer in India. Let’s discuss more about the challenges and few of these challenges has their impact on the industry are listed below:-

  • Shoppers are smarter: – Shoppers and consumers are smarter and better informed than ever before. They now have a wide array of products to choose from and cater to their needs. They are more progressed towards various private labels. Owing to their pre-assumptions. With this, consumers are redefining their understanding of product value and hence are also reflecting a different shopping pattern.


  • Discounts expanding: – Rapid expansion of discounts in the existing market and new market hurts the retailers and also on manufacturer‚Äôs brands. This discount structure puts pressure on retailers and manufacturers to redefine their offers and schemes to pull in customers.


  • Omnichannel: – It seems like only a few years ago that retailers in FMCG started using this term. At that time, the application of this term was limited to different types of retail. It was later identified that omnichannel meant engaging with consumers and shoppers all the time, along the path to purchase. Nowadays, people are realizing more and more that omnichannel is not only limited to multiple store formats and e-commerce. It‚Äôs the whole information package that allows consumers and shoppers to shop when what and where they want. Retailers are trying to create a seamless link between this information channel and the store inside stories but some organizations understand this. Manufacturers, in particular, are trying their best by investing their resources to wrap their arms around this, as they are not directly involved with the customers and hence find omnichannel as a real challenge.


  • Big Data:- Data to market is what oxygen is to the human body and hence accumulating and managing data in sync with omnichannel is another major challenge to FMCG units. It is important to understand and manage data using advanced AI methods. Retailers on this part have shown a greater involvement as compared to the manufacturers who are still coping up with this. On the manufacturer end, the big data project still needs to be upscaled.

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