A young man in Bareilly gambled 500 rupees and slapped a railway employee on the cheek, causing chaos.

ACM Slaps Young Man for Betting in Bareilly: A young man from Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, bet with his buddies that he could smack the Assistant Commercial Manager (ACM) by going into the Divisional Railway Manager’s office. He then immediately walked to the ACM and slapped him.

Due to the accused’s actions, there was anarchy in the office. The accused was apprehended by the staff. The accused identified himself as Dhirendra Gangwar, an Izzatnagar inhabitant who lives in Linker Enclave. He has been the subject of a FIR for obstruction of government operations, intimidation, and other offences.

The Assistant Commercial Manager (ACM) for the Izzatnagar Railway Division is Mukesh Kumar. He claimed to have been in the office on Monday at 4:45 pm in the complaint letter he sent to the Izzatnagar Police. Suddenly, a young man entered the room and started to attack. made threats and began to beat.

The office employees identified the perpetrator after hearing the sounds. He disclosed his name to be Dhirendra Gangwar after questioning. With him, the staff arrived at the Izzatnagar police station. The suspect acknowledged under questioning that he had formed a condition with Ravi and Manoj, two buddies from the community.

Uncertain of who struck you?

The defendant was drinking when they were accused. He was not even aware of this when the police asked who had been assaulted. In this case, it is assumed that his friends carried out the planned action. According to Inspector Sanjay Kumar of Izzatnagar, information is also being gathered regarding the suspects’ friends.

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