How to develop good negotiation skills


Jignesh Barasara is one of the greatest business entrepreneurs of today’s era. He has changed the lives of many young entrepreneurs via his strong ideas and thoughts. He is the CEO of Alpha MD and owner of an NGO named Heed India that aims at strengthening underprivileged children via sports and education. As a business entrepreneur Jignesh Barasara very well understands the importance of negotiation skills. In this article, there are some tricks and tips given by Jignesh Barasara regarding how to develop good negotiation skills as a business entrepreneur. It is very important to practice the right kind of negotiation skills to be successful in business.

By applying the below-mentioned techniques of negotiations, given by Jignesh Barasara you will be able to save a lot of money, time and a lot of other scarce but valuable resources. Though there are a lot of myths and misconceptions doing rounds about negotiations, the techniques mentioned later in this article are both effective and proven.

Most people are bad negotiators:-

Most people are not very good at negotiations. This is because many people do not understand that just by making simple investments in your negotiation skills, you can drive a lot of mileage out of it in the long run. It’s important to understand that you up to your game just is not and you are already setting yourself apart from the rest of the crowd. By starting to apply proven tactics, you will understand the difference between being a decent negotiator and a bad negotiator.

Understand yourself:-

In this case, you need to identify what’s your best alternative to a negotiated agreement. This will prevent you from regretting any particular negotiation. This particular thing helps you understand at what level of the product, what you should pay for. Also, here you need to pay attention to the focal points, which means that while you are negotiating you also need to consider other facts revolving around negotiation and not just the negotiation itself. For example, if you are negotiating for your salary, you also need to check other factors such as how many hours you would be working for and other relevant factors.

Knowing others:-

When negotiating with others, try to understand the needs, wants and alternatives that the other person has. This is where you will understand what the other person is expecting and on which parameter can you negotiate the best. This is also where you start building the trust of other people. For example, if you know that the other person has already reduced the price a bit too much, then instead of asking the other person to reduce the price more, ask if he or she can incorporate some more things into the same offer.

Understanding the situation:-

Negotiations in many cases are never a single shot deal. At times, you may have to negotiate for a deal for over a year and then only you will be able to crack through. Before negotiating too much for the price part, first, understand where that situation will lead you into the future.

Make the first offer:-

This one is applicable only if you are prepared. However, if you are not prepared then let them make the first offer. If you are well versed with the above mentioned three tricks, then you can start with a very accurate offer. The major benefit of doing this is that you get to lead. In this case, if you observe that the other person is making a very low offer, then you can quickly re-evaluate your offer and go back asap.


Following the above-mentioned steps will help you score a great command over your negotiation skills.

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