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Saya Homes Gold Avenue Latest News about Ongoing Water Crisis

Saya Homes is a prominent builder in the region. They are highly appreciated for their exciting residential as well as commercial projects. Along with this, the builder has gained a reputation for having innovative initiatives. For instance, they have recently planted thousands of trees and plants on the occasion of the environmental day. However, this time the scene is different. In the Indirapuram News, Saya Gold Avenue is making headlines due to the water crisis and related reasons. This Saya Homes Gold Avenue news is about the water contamination and crisis.

What is the Saya Homes Gold Avenue latest news all about?

As per the recent reports and Saya Homes Gold Avenue news, people of this residential society are going through a tough phase amid these record-breaking summer days. Due to some unexpected events, the water got contaminated. To prevent any illness and other related issues, the builder decided to cut off the water supply immediately as a primary step.

However, they have not only stopped the water supply but have taken certain measures so that people do not have to worry about the water supply. Along with this, they have also taken several other steps to eliminate the main causes behind contamination and ensure a clean water supply in the future. However, the builder has requested people to be as supportive as possible in the tough situation and not trust any fake or incomplete news about the Saya Gold Avenue water crisis.

How Saya Gold Avenue is handling the water crisis?

When the water crisis issue came to notice, Saya Gold Avenue started taking some measures on an immediate basis. Since hot days are getting even hotter, they know that problems can increase. Keeping this fact in mind, they have decided to opt for some great steps so that the issue can be handled at the initial level.

According to the Saya Homes Gold Avenue news released, they are doing the following to address and manage the water crisis and contamination issues:

  • The group is handling the concern quite professionally. Firstly, they followed the instructions given by the CMO office via a letter. According to the same, they have successfully finished the cleaning and chlorination process. They have also informed the authorities about the same so that they can come and check again and give clearance.
  • A designated team of Saya Homes is keeping a close check on the water crisis and possible contamination around. Based on the same, they have sent some samples to Lucknow and other popular labs. They are also hopeful that they will get the green signal. While talking about the Saya Gold Avenue water crisis, its spokesperson shares the details about the samples that they have sent.
  • According to the team of Saya Homes, they are giving water bottles daily in each apartment to fulfill the immediate need for drinking water in every household. The group released a notification stating that we are supplying around 1500 Bisleri water bottles daily so that people can get clean water to drink. We are also keeping a check on the situation so that the number of bottles can be increased if required.
  • Since drinking water is not the only need that has to be fulfilled. Instead, there are several other works wherein people will need water. Having this point in mind amid the water crisis Saya Homes Gold Avenue news, the group is also arranging water tankers in enough numbers. They are also trying to extend the number so that people will have enough water supply to manage regular household chores.
  • Another step that has been taken by the group as per the Indirapuram news about Saya Gold Avenue is that they have replaced the RO systems installed in the apartments. No matter what brand it is, we are changing it for free to eliminate the possible contamination issues as water may be stored in the previous RO filters and systems. In addition to this, consuming contaminated water can affect people’s health and the overall filtration capacity of the device, so we have decided to replace them. The group is not charging anything for it.

What is next?

Along with all these measures, Saya Gold Avenue is also checking a water pipeline that is closely located to the sewage line of DDA. We have stopped the water supply through this line and will send the samples soon to the labs to see if the water is contaminated or not. The Saya Gold Avenue water crisis is almost managed and will completely be fixed soon because the builder is trying everything possible to handle the situation.

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