The Asia Cup was lost by Team India. Consider the equation to determine how India will advance to the final.

Online Desk in New DelhiThe Indian cricket team suffered their second consecutive loss in the Asia Cup Super-Four. Team India was nearly eliminated from contention for the championship game after their losses to Pakistan and Sri Lanka. India batted first on Tuesday and defeated Sri Lanka with a score of 173 for 8. In response, Sri Lanka practically assured a spot in the championship game by achieving the victory target in 19.5 overs.

The Indian team lost its second straight game, therefore eliminating it from contention for the championship. Now, Team India would have to rely on other teams losing as well as on their own win. The defending champions Rohit Sharma’s squad lost a good opportunity, and they now risk being eliminated from the competition. We’ll have to wait and see what is said about the game of cricket and which two teams will compete in the final.

Asia Cup team eliminated

India won convincingly against Pakistan and Hong Kong in the group games, qualifying them for the Super Four. India had advanced to the second round in Group A by maintaining their leadIn the first Super match, Pakistan defeated India by five wickets. In the second game, the Sri Lankan squad was trounced by six wickets.. It can be inferred from the two-point standings at this point that Team India is having trouble winning the championship.

How will India go to the final?

Everyone is wondering if the Indian team would be able to go to the final after suffering two losses. The hope for Team India is still alive, that much is certain. To advance to the final, India will need victories from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka. India will now need to defeat Afghanistan by a wide margin in their upcoming match.

With this, we must hope that Sri Lanka and Afghanistan’s teams defeat Pakistan. Sri Lanka would be the first team to win three games and advance to the championship if this were to occur. After the Super Four phase, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India will all still have one victory each. The winner in this scenario will be the team with the better net run rate.

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