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Kundan Lal & Sons: When it comes to manufacturing the best diamond jewellery, there is no better choice than Kundan Lal & Sons. They have been the best manufacturer of diamond and polki jewellery for decades now. Kundan Lal & Sons are known to make the elegant and classy designs for polki and diamond jewellery. And as we all know diamonds are the life that women die for. In this article, we will see some of the must-haves of diamond jewellery.

Diamonds are a woman’s best friend. Jewellery in Indian tradition holds different kinds of values and emotions attached to itself. For some, it’s an heirloom tradition passed down generation after generation. For others, it’s just another piece of accessories lying in their wardrobe. These jewellery pieces can either be something you are wearing regularly or it can be that heavy diamond engagement ring that you would wear occasionally but would cherish forever because it is a symbol of love and bond between you and your partner. Most people who are outgoing or party animals, would think that pairing the right kind of diamond jewellery with the right dresses is not always an easy task. But, if you can pass this exam while going to a party, compliments will be showered on you from all directions.

Gorgeous jewellery featuring diamonds of stunning designs have the calibre to instantly transfer your dress into a mesmerizing and outstanding attire. There can be hardly any other jewellery that looks as classy as diamonds do when paired upright. Even the diamonds which are very simply designed can put you on a higher pedestal in terms of your overall look and appearance. Below mentioned are some of the must-haves of diamond jewellery by Kundan Lal & Sons that every diamond lover should have.

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Diamond Rings:-

You don’t need to wear them only if you are engaged or married. You can pair them with any attire, for they don’t come with a rule book. They are known to create a lasting impression as usually most of the crowd are seen wearing silver or gold rings.

Diamond Necklace:-

Some people avoid this because they think the party lasts too long, the weight of this can make you very uncomfortable. However, if you choose the right kind of diamond necklace, you can easily pull it off even if the party goes on from dusk to dawn.

Diamond Bracelets:-

For this one, you don’t have to do any mix and match. They effortlessly just vibe with any part of the dress and easily make it stand out. Pairing bracelets with your party dress gives you that evergreen sleek and classy look.

Diamond Bangles:-

These two are also the most favourite just like diamond pendants. You don’t need them in dozens. A pair or two is enough to get you going. A lot goes into creating such a delicate piece of work. These always work as a beautiful accessory for your party dress.

Diamond Pendants:-

These are some of the most common yet most used pieces of diamond jewellery. However, at times there can be a slight confusion especially when you are trying to pair them up to go to a party. Most of the time where women make a mistake in this case is they repeatedly choose a heart shape or the regular petal-shaped pendant. Instead of doing this, go for some pendant whose shape is out of the box eg an owl-shaped.

Diamond Danglers:-

These come in handy when you are trying to provide a different look to your regular diamond earrings. They go very well with all kinds of ball gown dresses. For those who are very much into contouring, choosing a long diamond dangler would suit you the best. However, settling for round diamond Danglers would be the best if you have a round face.


Diamond jewellery carries such an elegant look with itself that it can set your class apart. They are best manufactured by Delhi based manufacturer Kundan Lal & Sons. Diamonds in particular are the most celebrated category of jewellery. They are very expensive but still, they are worth investing in.

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