What to Know Before Exploring the Best Store for Bandhani Sarees in India?

Bandhani, the authentic school of art in India, is making a great wave this festive season. Not only have they created a niche in the wardrobe of women with taste, but Bhandhani have also found a room in the world of men’s ethnic closet, as well. So whether you want to twin with your significant other, or simply want to add some spectacular drapes, exploring the boutiques and Best store for Bandhani sarees in India is the way to go. At AshaGautam, the leading store for Bandhani sarees in Delhi offers wide variety.

Ashagautam – Bandhani Sarees

Understanding Your Saree

Native to Rajasthan, this outstanding specimen of Indian dyeing form is characterized by its myriad patterns. Each tribe, area, and caste in the region has its characteristic patterns and designs. Traditionally, the patterns include:

  • Stripes
  • Waves
  • Dots
  • Squares

The designs have unique names. Such as:

  • Boond (having small dots and a darker center)
  • Laddu-jalebi (designs imitating traditional Indian sweets)
  • Lehriya (waves)
  • Kodi (teat drops)
  • DungarShahi (mountain-like patterns)
  • Ekdali (designs with a single knot)
  • Trikunti (those having three knots)
  • Chaubandi (four knots)

The price of the sarees would depend on the number of knots your garment or fabric would come with.

Sourcing From the Artisans        

Originally, the technique of Bandhani started in the Bandhej area of Gujarat. However, it could gradually spread its roots in Rajasthan. You can come across artisans creating this finery in cities like Jaipur, Sikar, and Bikaner. In Gujarat, Ahmadabad remains an epicenter for some of the Best stores for Bandhani sarees in India. Interestingly enough, even in Tamil Nadu, the artisans are familiar with a Bandhani-style design, which they call Chungidi or Madurai Sungudi. While the techniques differ, you get sarees having attractive designs every time.

Buying Offline

You can purchase Bandhani Sarees from a number of stores. Look for a reliable designer that is varieties and price friendly. However, if you want to get to the touch of the saree for its fabric, then visit AshaGautam store.

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