PM Modi conveyed his sorrow at the passing of the Queen and noted that Elizabeth II shown dignity and decency in public life.

Queen Elizabeth II of Britain passed away at Scotland’s Balmoral Palace at the age of 96. On Thursday afternoon, Queen Elizabeth passed away quietly at Balmoral. The British monarchy’s longest-serving monarch was she. On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid an emotional homage to Queen Elizabeth II, calling her a pillar who gave her nation and people an example of inspiring leadership. He conducted himself with honour and decency in public. The leader of the government recalls his “memorable” meetings with the monarch in 2015 and 2018.

Gave the nation and the people inspirational leadership

The prime minister declared that I would never forget his friendliness and warmth He showed me the handkerchief Mahatma Gandhi had given him at his wedding during one of the meetings. I will cherish that feeling forever. It will be acknowledged that Queen Elizabeth II was a leader in her era.. He served his country and people with inspiring leadership. He conducted himself with honour and decency in public. His passing saddens me. At this difficult time, my thoughts are with his family and the people of the UK.

Monarchy with the longest reign in Britain

Elizabeth II, the daughter of King George (VI) of the United Kingdom and Queen Elizabeth, wed Philip Mountbatten in 1947. Prince of Denmark and Greece, Philip. April of last year saw his passing. Together, Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth are parents to four kids. The eldest son, Prince Charles, will now succeed his father as the monarch of Great Britain. Prince Edward and Prince Andrew are his two brothers, and Princess is his sister. This year, Queen Elizabeth commemorated 70 years as monarch of the United Kingdom. She was the British monarch with the oldest and longest reign.

In September 2015, he lost his great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, who had reigned for 63 years and 7 months. With the passing of Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej in 2016, Elizabeth also surpassed all other monarchs in terms of length of reign. In 2022, she passed French King Louis XIV, who ascended to the throne at the age of 4, to become the monarch with the second-longest reign in world history.

Only four kings or queens in British history have reigned for more than 50 years: George III (59), Henry III (56), Edward III (50) and James VI of Scotland (58). During his rule, a total of 15 prime ministers were in office. He gave Liz Truss, the new prime minister of Great Britain, the oath on Tuesday at Balmoral Castle.

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