Asha Bhosle’s first marriage was to Lata Mangeshkar’s secretary, and there was also friction with her sister.

Bhosle, Asha Birthday: Her younger sister Asha Bhosle is a legendary musician, just like Lata Mangeshkar. In addition to being a vocalist, Asha Bhosle represents an entire generation. Many songsā€”romantic, celebratory, and emotiveā€”were sung by Asha Bhosle. She is an excellent cook in addition to being a fantastic singer. Despite experiencing triumph after success in her career, Asha Bhosle experiences many ups and downs in her personal life. When Asha Bhosle was only 16 years old, she wed a guy who was 15 years her senior. As a result, she frequently fought with her older sister, the legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar. In honour of Asha Bhosle’s 89th birthday, we are sharing her fascinating love story with you today.

The secretary of Lata Mangeshkar was Asha Bhosle’s true love.

The love life of Asha Bhosle has been extremely intriguing. He has been married twice. When she was 16 years old, she got married for the first time to Lata Mangeshkar’s assistant Ganpat Rao, who was a lot older than her. According to accounts, Asha Bhosle’s decision was not well received by her sister Lata Mangeshkar or her family. Despite the best efforts of Lata Mangeshkar and her entire family, Asha Bhosle refused to change her mind. As a result, Lata Mangeshkar reportedly didn’t even speak to Asha Bhosle for a considerable amount of time. She eventually broke up with Ganpat Rao since their relationship did not last.

Asha Bhosle married music composer RD Burman for a second time.

While Asha Bhosle wed a guy who was twice her age in her first marriage, she wed RD Burman, a well-known musician, in her second marriage, who was 6 years her junior. After meeting for the first time in 1956, Asha Bhosle and RD Burman collaborated on numerous superhit tunes. In the same way that Asha Bhosle’s marriage had ended, RD Burman and his wife Rita also had a falling out. Media reports claim that while they were working together, RD Burman showed Asha Bhosle his heart and even made a marriage proposal. At the age of 47, Asha Bhosle wed RD Burman in the year 1980, however it wasn’t until 14 years later that RD Burman passed away.

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