Indigo Airlines

Indigo Airlines made boon in Corona war, India arrived with 2717 oxygen concentrators from five countries

Indigo Airlines

Airlines of Indigo Airlines have transported 2,717 Oxygen Concentrators from Thailand, ChinaChina, Qatar, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Indigo Airlines gave this information in a statement issued on Wednesday. According to the statement, Indigo aircraft have so far transported 4,142 oxygen concentrators weighing 72,461 kg abroad and within the country amid the second deadly wave of corona virus epidemic in the country.

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In fact, India is currently facing another terrible wave of corona virus infection due to which there is a severe shortage of medicines, medical devices, beds and oxygen in many states of the country.

were taken at 36 airports in 1425 oxygen concentrator country, according to a statement released by the Indigo went the carriage of at least 2,717 oxygen Sandrakon from Thailand, China, Qatar, Hong Kong and Singapore which,

in the country To meet the shortage of essential medical equipment, several flights are being operated by IndiGo. A record 3780 people died in one day from Corona in the country

According to data released on Wednesday by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, a record 3780 people died due to covid-19 in the country,

while 3,82,315 new cases of infection have been reported. The number of corona infects in the country has already crossed the two crore mark.

the number of under-treated patients in the country has risen to 34,87,229 which is 16.87 per cent of the total cases of infection, followed by Kovid-19. The national rate of recovery has been recorded at 82.03 percent.

According to the data till eight o’clock in the morning, the number of people recovering from the disease has been 1,69,51,731, while the death rate from the disease has come down to 1.09 percent.

The highest death rate in Maharashtra from Corona

was reached in critical condition on May 4 and crossed the 2 crore mark. In the new cases of death, the highest number of deaths was 891 in Maharashtra, 351 in Uttar Pradesh, 338 in Delhi,

288 in Karnataka, 210 in Chhattisgarh, 173 in Punjab, 154 in Rajasthan, 153 in Haryana, 144 in Tamil Nadu, 132 in Jharkhand, Gujarat. In 131, 107 people died in West Bengal and 105 in Bihar.

Of the total 2,26,188 deaths in the country so far, 71,742 were in Maharashtra, 17,752 in Delhi, 16,538 in Karnataka, 14,612 in Tamil Nadu, 13,798 in Uttar Pradesh, 11,774 in West Bengal, 9,645 in Punjab, 9,645. In Punjab and 9,485 died in Chhattisgarh.

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