Green Fungus

Green Fungus: After black, white fungus, first case of Green Fungus came in the country, know how dangerous green fungus is

Green Fungus

After black fungus, now the first case of a person getting infected with Green Fungus

The green fungus has been reported in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, which experts are calling more dangerous.

Green Fungus latest news in Hindi: Black fungus and White fungus has not stopped wreaking havoc in the country that the news of Green Fungus outbreak has started coming to the fore.

Yes, the first case of this has come up in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Here a person has been confirmed to have this News in his lungs.

This came to light when the person’s lungs were being examined. At present this patient is admitted to Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai

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Green Colored Fungus Found In The Lungs

When the person’s lungs were being examined, only then the presence of green fungus was confirmed in the lung, after which it was named green fungus. Till now, in many states of the country, many patients of black fungus, white, yellow fungus have been found in serious patients of coronavirus, who have also lost their lives. It is very dangerous, if treatment is not started on time, then the patient also dies. At present, this is the first case of this in the country

Patient Was Suffering From Corona

This Indora resident infected with this had been cured of the corona, but even after recovering from corona, was admitted to the hospital after showing some symptoms. His lungs were affected 100 percent due to corona, then treatment went on for about a month in the ICU. After recovering from corona, other symptoms such as high fever, bleeding from the nose were seen. Due to being weak, his weight had also reduced a lot. When tested, a green fungus was found in the lungs. At present, the lungs of this patient have been infected up to 90 percent due to green fungus. Due to the filling of pus in the lungs, the condition of the person remains critical. The problem of this case has increased due to the Aspergillus fungus in his lungs and sinuses.

Is this More Dangerous Than Black Fungus?

According to experts, the green fungus can be more deadly than black fungus. In such a situation, if the treatment is not started on time, then the person’s life can also be lost. In this, the health of the person deteriorates very fast. Filling of pus in the lungs, bleeding from the stool, fever more than 100 are some of its symptoms. This is the first case of this, but it is very important to prevent it, otherwise, it can be difficult to handle. Once the this case has spread, the death toll can spread even faster than the black fungus.

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