Neena Gupta’s friend gave advice to marry a gay man, this was the reaction of the actress after hearing this

New Delhi, Jnn. Bollywood’s veteran actress Neena Gupta is in a lot of headlines these days for her autobiography ‘Sach Kahun To’. In this book, apart from his professional life, he has made many revelations about his personal life. Neena Gupta’s life has gone through a lot of ups and downs, which the actress has openly talked about in ‘Sach Kahoon To’.

Neena Gupta was in a relationship with the famous West Indies cricketer Viv Richards. From which they had a daughter Masaba. However, Viv Richards left Neena Gupta because of his wife and children, after which he raised Masaba as a single mother. Neena Gupta has now revealed in the book ‘Sach Kahoon To’ that when she was pregnant with Masaba, one of her friends advised her to marry a gay man.

According to the news of the English website Zoom, Neena Gupta has revealed in the book that when she was pregnant with Masaba, her friend Sujoy Mitra had advised her to marry a gay banker living in Bandra, Mumbai. Because the man wanted to get married to avoid social pressure, but he had made a condition that he would marry Neena only to show the society. It will have nothing to do with the life of the actress and her daughter.

Neena Gupta said, ‘I made fun of him because I did not feel right to get married just to avoid controversy. I knew I would have to answer very difficult questions. Being a public figure meant that our lives, mine and that of my children, would always be open to speculation. But I told myself that when I come to it, I will cross that bridge. Until then, I would hide behind loose clothes for as long as I could.’

Apart from this, Neena Gupta has made many revelations in her autobiography. In one of which she has told that her Swarg co-star Satish Kaushik wanted to marry her. The actress was pregnant when Satish proposed to Neena. Satish was ready to adopt their future child as well but the actress rejected Satish’s proposal. 

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