Have Tejashwi Prakash and Karan Kundra secretly gotten engaged? When they saw the image, the user said, “Scam happened… Something else was revealed.

The most swoon-worthy couple on television right now is Karan Kundra and Tejaswi Prakash. After becoming close friends on “Bigg Boss 15,” Tejashwi and Karan had been dating for a while. Both are frequently observed showing each other affection. Additionally, he never gives his love a chance to be stolen, not even in front of the media. Meanwhile, a photo of Tejashwi is currently becoming viral, making his supporters jump for delight. See the image for yourself if you’re not sure.

Tejashwi displays her wedding band.

Tejashwi Prakash recently posted some of his most recent images to his Instagram feed. She can be seen showing off her engagement ring in these photos. You can see the lovely white off-the-shoulder dress and the woman holding flowers in the photo. Only flowers and a ring can be seen in the hand in the second image. The ring Tejashwir wears is exquisite. He appears to be very content, as evidenced by the smile on his face. Fans are applauding the actress and have expressed their satisfaction at seeing her happy. Tejashwi captioned this photo with the phrase “Big day” after posting it.

Such remarks are being made by fans.

Fans are constantly reacting to these pictures of Tejashwi Prakash.¬†At the same time some fans are looking confused.¬†The biggest reason for this is that Karan Kundrra is not seen with Tejashwi in these pictures.¬†In such a situation, fans are asking him about Karan’s proposal.¬†Commenting on these photos, a user wrote, ‘Teju khel gayi humare saath’.¬†So another wrote, ‘Is what I’m thinking happened or is there something else.’¬†At the same time, another wrote, ‘Scam happened, we thought Karan proposed but it turned out to be something else’ These photos have received a lot of views so far.

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