Kamal Haasan’s daughter Shruti, who is struggling with financial crisis in Lockdown, is working hard to pay the EMI of the house

New Delhi The havoc of the Corona virus has shaken the entire nation. Not only are people dying from this epidemic, but many people are also facing financial crisis. At the same time, he is also ready to work in Corona Circle to meet the needs. They also include film stars. This is the reason that actress Shruti Haasan, daughter of South cinema veteran Kamal Haasan, has to work to fulfill her needs in this epidemic.

Shruti Haasan has recently spoken openly about what it is like to work in these difficult times and why she is working despite the epidemic. He has also told that due to his poor financial condition, he is ready to shoot even in the midst of this epidemic. Shruti Haasan believes that she has to go back to work as she cannot hide and wait for the epidemic to end.

Shruti Haasan recently spoke to the English website Hindustan Times. During this time he expressed his concern about the lockdown associated with the corona virus. Shruti Haasan said, ‘It is very scary to be on the set without a mask. I won’t lie, but we want to go back to work because I have financial troubles like everyone else. ‘

Shruti Haasan further said, ‘When the shooting is ready, I want to go out, because I have other professional commitments that I need to fulfill as I finish shooting. We earn different rupees, but we all have bills to pay, and so I have to go back to work. ‘ Shruti Haasan has said, ‘I have my limits. I don’t have my daddy or mummy to help me. ‘

Shruti Haasan has also given information about why she is struggling with financial crisis. He has reported that he bought a home for himself before the corona virus epidemic. Where she lives separately from her family, Shruti Haasan is currently facing financial crisis. At the same time, the actress has thanked God because she only has to pay her EMI bills, even today, there are people who do not have the money to buy food and medicines.  

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