Corona virus cases in the country

Corona virus cases, some relief: The number of infected fell, a total of 3.66 lakh cases were reported, 3751 died.

Corona virus cases in the country

Corona virus cases in the country declined slightly on Sunday.

On Sunday, the number of Corona virus cases infected was recorded to be less than four lakhs. A total of 3,66,902 cases were reported on this day.

At the same time, the death toll has also decreased slightly. On Sunday, 3,751 people lost their lives.

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The highest number of cases reported so far was 4,14,554 in the country on Thursday. From this day onwards, the number of people dying daily has also come down.

However, the CFR (Case Felicity Rate) has remained at one per cent for the last three days. CFR means the number of people killed by the virus.

The decline in weekly cases suggests that the transition to the second wave has reached or was nearing peak. A total of 27,44,545 cases were reported in the country this week,

which was 5% higher than the previous week (26.13 lakh). There was a jump of 16 per cent in cases last week and it was 47 per cent in the previous week.

In the week ending on Sunday, more than 27 thousand deaths occurred in the country and a total of 27.4 lakh Corona virus cases were registered.

This was the highest ever in any week. During this period,

the death toll rose at a rate of 15 percent. CFR was one per cent for the first time in three consecutive days. A total of 27,243 patients lost their lives between May 3 and 9, compared with 23,781 deaths in the previous week.

For the first time since April 5 in Maharashtra, less than 50 thousand cases of korana
48,401 new cases of covid-19 were reported in Maharashtra on Sunday,

taking the total number of infected people to 51,01,737 in the state.

At the same time, the death toll in the state rose to 75,849 as 572 more patients died due to infection.

With 48,401 new cases of Kovid-19 being reported in Maharashtra on Sunday,

it happened for the first time in the state after April 5 when less than 50,000 new cases were reported in a single day.

On April 5, 47,288 new cases were reported in the state. The department said that in Maharashtra,

a total of 60,226 patients a day were discharged from hospitals after being cured, leading to an increase in the number of cured patients in Maharashtra to 44,07,818.

47,930 new cases of covid-19 in Karnataka, 490 more deaths

On Sunday, 47,930 new cases of corona virus infection were reported in Karnataka

and with this the total number of cases of pandemic reported so far in the state has gone up to 19.34 lakhs.

At the same time, after the death of 490 more people in the state due to the epidemic,

the total number of dead has increased to 18,776.

In the state, 31,796 more people have beaten the epidemic and

with this the total number of people recovered so far has risen to 13,51,097.

Officials said that 20,897 new cases of infection were reported in Bangalore (urban) district and 281 more people died. So far, 9.50 lakh cases of infection have been reported in the city and 8,057 people have died.

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