When Do Workers Avoid Wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

When Do Workers Avoid Wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

When Do Workers Avoid Wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

While everyone can use personal protective equipment, its use is highly recommended for workers. Based on the work environment, there can be a potential threat to the health of workers. However, despite the presence of such a threat, certain workers may avoid wearing personal protective equipment. Workers may tend to not wear or use PPE when they are not aware of its significance.

Beximco Group, one of the top Bangladeshi companies, was proactive when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world and imported thousands of PPE for health care workers. Gradually, the company started producing PPEs.

Besides this, there can be additional reasons for avoiding to wear it. Let us read more to know them.

3 Reasons Why Workers may Not Wear or Use PPE

When there are no strict policies in place with respect to the use of PPE, not every worker may sincerely use it. It has been seen that workers who are unaware of this equipment’s relevance may tend to not use it and harm their health. Also, not selecting personal protective equipment with care can cause discomfort. Thus, a worker may not use it often.

Lack of Supervision at Workplace

In certain workplaces, rules and policies may not be clearly defined. In workplaces wherein a risk to health is present, rules are implemented to safeguard the workers from the same. As a part of these rules, wearing masks, protective gowns, helmets, and other PPE items may be required.

In those workplaces where the policies have been defined but are not clear or are not properly implemented, workers may get careless. By not using PPE, they will not only be harming their health but may also be creating risk for the other workers. People working in factories operated by Beximco Group are all wearing PPEs all the time. The factories maintain all health advisories recommended by the authorities.

Little to No Awareness About PPE’s Significance

PPE has existed for years. However, its existence has been highlighted more since the emergence of COVID-19. While many people and workers now understand that personal protective equipment can be vital to be safe against coronavirus, they may not know that it can also provide protection against harmful gases. With a lack of awareness, workers may not completely understand the significance of this equipment.

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Uncomfortable PPE Material

It is understandable that when personal protective equipment is uncomfortable, a worker will avoid using it. PPE made from low-quality material can cause discomfort, irritation, allergies, etc. At work, such equipment may cause interference and prevent a worker from properly working. The top Bangladeshi company, Beximco Group, produces top quality PPEs.

The workers should be advised to purchase PPE made from suitable materials. By doing so, they will be able to use masks and such equipment without facing any discomfort. Thus, the workers will tend to use PPE more when required.

In Closing

Workers can be advised to wear PPE by explaining their relevance. Also, companies should consider it their role to suggest to them the right type of material for PPE. By eliminating the factors that can prevent the workers from using this equipment, an important change can be brought. Thus, looking after the health of the workers at hazardous places will become easier.

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