Kareena Kapoor finally broke her silence on the uproar in the name of ‘Jahangir’, gave this answer

New Delhi, Jnn. Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor has recently become a mother for the second time. This time after becoming a mother, one thing became clear that Kareena is going to be very protective about her younger son. Kareena’s son’s face has not been captured in any camera till now, nor has the actress herself shown her son’s face till now. Yes, recently the name of the younger son of the actress has definitely come to the fore, which is causing a ruckus.

Actually Kareena Kapoor Khan has recently launched her book ‘Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Pregnancy Bible’. In this book, he has revealed the full name of his younger son Jeh. C didn’t mind as long as people knew the name ‘J’. But as soon as the name of Jahangir surfaced, the social media ruckus has started once again and the actress is being trolled. Till now Saif and Kareena had kept silence on this uproar, but now the actress has broken her silence and has finally spoken.

Talking to India Today, Kareena said, ‘I am a positive person, I want to spread happiness and positivity. I have no place for negativity. Look what the Kovid epidemic did, it brought the world closer. We should think about all these things. When it comes to dealing with the trollers, I have to start meditation. Imagine, we are talking about two innocent children here. Let us tell you that there was a lot of uproar on social media regarding the name of Kareena’s elder son Taimur Ali Khan.

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