Beximco's Akash DTH

Beximco’s Akash DTH for Improved Television Watching Experience

Beximco's Akash DTH

Beximco Group, Bangladesh’s largest private sector company, started  to provide you with an improved experience while watching television. This service is known to level up the quality of your experience mainly due to its features.

The good quality of its services is the most noticeable feature. Along with this, Akash DTH gives you the choice of multiple channels for never-ending entertainment. It has made several recharge options based on the budget of the customers. Above all, it has an active customer support service to avoid any interruptions in your experience.

Viewing Experience with Excellent Quality

Television users explain that the exceptional quality of these devices is required. However, the quality of the TV channels is equally important. Based on this understanding, Beximco Group, known for its commitment to the country and the people, invented services that could improve their overall experience while watching TV. These services are supportive of HD quality for videos as well as sound.

Multiple TV Channels

Customers can often get bored by only watching a particular channel. To keep them entertained at home and at all times, Beximco Group has ensured that multiple TV channels are available to them through Akash DTH. Other than entertainment, informative channels are also available. Thus, along with keeping yourself entertained, you can also improve your knowledge.

Customer Support for Seamless Services

It is worth appreciating that Akash DTH’s customer support service is active and helpful. Often, certain problems can emerge due to some factors like poor weather conditions. You may notice interruptions while watching TV. With the active customer support of this company, these interruptions can be resolved as and when you begin to notice them.

Value-worthy Recharge Options

With Akash, you can find many recharge options. These options will be inclusive of a range of packages. Based on what and how many TV channels you require, an ideal recharge option can be chosen. It should be known that these options will be worth the amount you pay.


Akash, started by Beximco Group, is known for its good quality services that give you a better TV watching experience in Bangladesh. We believe that with its various TV channels, recharge options, and great customer support, your experience will also become enhanced.

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