63 moons’ unmatched pursuit for excellence

63 moons

63 moons technologies limited is the world’s largest creator of greenfield exchanges east of Suez and put India on the global map of exchanges. It is a game changer in trading in financial markets, spreading the reach and intensity of stock trading in India. Its product is also endorsed by competitors

The Group has been facing intense competition in each of its endeavours to emerge successful and as market leader. Let’s have a look at some of its enterprises:

ODIN, an IP called ODIN, the legacy of which is that even in pressing times today it has a leading market share

MCX, emerged as the third largest commodity exchange in the world next only to CME within a short span of time.

IEX, a new-age power trading exchanges that emerged as the No.1 in India in trading of electricity futures and within four years it became the second-largest globally

MCX-SX, newly launched stock exchange, created special membership for rural entrepreneurs. Members were offered financial education programmes and other professional development opportunities. Emphasis was laid on gainful economic opportunities for the youths and women.

The growth story of 63 moons technologies is about empowering people. It’s technology solutions enabled even small brokers’ access to business opportunities.


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