US killed Iranian General Qasim Sulemani after attack on US Embassy in Baghdad

US killed Iranian General Qasim Sulemani after attack on US Embassy in Baghdad

US killed Iranian General Qasim Sulemani after attack on US Embassy in Baghdad
The US has avenged the attack on its Embassy in Baghdad. The US has killed Iranian General Qasim Sulemani in an airstrike. Know what will happen next …

Baghdad, Agencies. USA Airstrike at Baghdad The US has taken stern action after the attack on the US embassy in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. The US on Friday carried out an airstrike at Baghdad Airport killing Major General Qasim Suleimani, the head of the Iran-backed Kurdish force. Reports said that Sulemani’s convoy was heading towards Baghdad Airport when a rocket attack hit. The attack also killed Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, deputy commander of the Iran-backed militia Popular Mobilization Force (Popular Mobilization Forces or PMF).

America was looking for Sulaimani

Officials said a total of eight people died in the attack. Sulemani was the principal strategist to carry out Iranian activities in West Asia. Sulemani was also accused of carrying out the rocket attacks in Israel. The news agency AP, quoting an Iraqi politician and high-ranking official, confirmed the killing of Soleimani and al-Muhandis in the attack. Not only this, the death of two loyalist militia leaders of Iran has also been confirmed. Those killed include an officer from Kaitab Hezbollah, who was involved in the attack on the US embassy. Reports said that America was strongly looking for Sulaimani.

According to reports, Sulaimani’s plane had arrived at Baghdad Airport. After landing from the plane, Sulemani was still meeting Muhandis that the American missile fell and killed all the people on the spot. Sulaimani’s body was identified by his ring. At the same time, a statement issued by the Iraqi Army said that three rockets were fired from the US at the international airport in Baghdad which exploded in two cars.

Things can worsen in the Middle East

The report of the news agency AP states that there is a big turning point for the circumstances of the Middle East before the death of these big military officers. It is believed that Iran will give a befitting reply to this attack, which can worsen the situation. Not only this, American and Israeli interests can also be hurt by retaliatory attacks. Last year there was tension between Iran and the US which has been increasing over time. Currently, the United States has imposed a number of restrictions on Iran. From time to time, statements have been coming out from Iran about their removal.

Trump tweeted the American flag

The Popular Mobilization Forces, that is, the PMF, has told America’s hand behind this attack. There is currently no perceived response from the US and Israel. But, US President Donald Trump has tweeted the US flag with his Twitter handler. This tweet, without text, is believed to have tried to convey a strong message through it. The US media quoted top Pentagon officials as saying that the attack was carried out at the behest of US President Donald Trump. It is known that US President Trump blamed Iran for the Iraqi protesters attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad. He warned that the US would take action against its culprits.

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