Indian Youtube channel

That Indian Youtube channel, which became number-1 in the world, got more than 200 million subscribers

Indian Youtube channel

T-Series Youtube channel India has the most mobile users and cheap data. Also, India produces the largest number of songs and music videos in the world every year. Bhushan Kumar’s T-Series company is at the forefront of making music videos. The YouTube channel of the same T-Series company has now set a new record in terms of the number of subscribers globally. Actually, the T-Series YouTube channel has crossed 200 million or more than 200 million subscribers. It has become the first YouTube channel in the world to do so.

Important figures related to T-Series

  1. The YouTube channel of T-Series was started on 13 March 2006.¬†In such a situation, in just 15 years, T-Series has become the world’s first channel with the highest number of subscribers.
  2. T-Series is the world’s first YouTube channel, which has a total of 29 regional channels in different languages ‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äčin India.¬†Its total number of subscribers is 383 million i.e. about 383 million.¬†Whereas the views of these YouTube channels are around 718 billion i.e. 71,800 crores.
  3. T-Series YouTube channel has become the world’s first YouTube channel with 200 million subscribers.¬†The videos of this channel get an average of 501.43K views.
  4. T-Series gets around Rs 1 lakh for a few seconds of advertisement that appears in the middle of the video of the Youtube channel.
  5. Every video of T-Series gets an average of 1.68 lakh views on Youtube. T-Series earns $1.32 million every month from its YouTube channel, which is more than the budget of a small Bollywood.
  6. Bollywood movies and music album videos are released on Youtube.

How T-Series Youtube Channel Subscribers Grow

  1. May 2020 – 140 million
  2. August 2020 – 150 million
  3. November 2020 – 160 million
  4. January 2021 – 170 million
  5. April 2021 – 180 million
  6. August 2021 -190 million
  7. December 2021 – 200 million

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