India-Nepal : What is the vision of Nepal’s PM KP Sharma Oli in the new year,

India- Nepal

India-Nepal relationship is centuries old.

India-Nepal relationship is centuries old. What is the attitude of Nepal in the new year after a bitter phase.

What is the geopolitical situation of the continent of Asia.What is the geopolitical situation of the continent of Asia.

‘India is full of diversities’

In response to a question about India’s tradition, culture and a united India, the Prime Minister of Nepal spoke in detail. He said, ‘I have no prejudice in the last thousands of years, especially about India’s borders.

There should be no confusion in it. For us, the holy land of Ram i.e. the birthplace of Rama is actually holy. Applying the same soil in the head will mean there is no benefit in applying soil to some other place as a birthplace.

‘Great geographical region of the year of India’

According to PM Oli of Nepal, ‘There were many countries even in Treta Yuga. There were many countries in Dwapara era. Where the Virat Raja had his great court. It was Hastinapur, there was Dwarka,

there was the rule of the Gopals, there was the rule of Yaduvansh. The other was ruled in Hastinapur. In the second place, there were many such states, there were many states, the state was formed, it was broken, it was won and lost.

A large area was included in the year of India. India was the year inside the iceberg, South Asia was called Bharatvarsha, it was named with the entire region.

Just like there were not 7-8 countries then thousands of countries. You will also know that there were 506 countries when the British came to India from the princely states.

How much consensus from India’s perspective?

Oli said, “India has a different reading and feeling about China, it is not necessary to tell us anything about consent, disagreement.”

When we are talking about India. Many languages of India are similar to ours. I am speaking in hindi Many people here do not understand Hindi as well as Nepali.

Because many languages are spoken here. One thing you must understand and that is what is our attitude? We have Kosi river, Gandak river and Karnali river which goes to India.

What the border of the fish of those rivers knows, the birds and birds in our border go from here to there. They go from one village to another, they do not know the border.

‘Look at the map of the border area’

On mentioning the border and the map, the Prime Minister of Nepal said that birds do not need to show the map.

You have to see the map, what is the reality, now we need to accept the truth, accept the facts and understand each other’s feelings.

It is also important that emotions should not be baseless, based on truth, based on facts, based on evidence, all should be understood as a whole. Every country prints its map.

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