Epileptic Seizures

India And The United States Are Jointly Studying To Prevent Epileptic Seizures In Children

Experts from India and the United States have started to study the injury brain of infants. Leading experts from Indian universities and US experts are working together for this. It will help prevent epilepsy. This study has been started this week. This week India has launched the world’s largest study on infants with brain injuries. Imperial College London will lead it. The aim of the encephalopathy study is to reduce epileptic seizures in children. Epileptic seizures are seen in children due to brain injuries. According to experts, epileptic seizures occur in children due to brain injury during childbirth or delivery.  

At the same time, the reason for epileptic seizures in children worldwide is unconsciousness in children. Oxygen does not reach the brain of children when the baby is unconscious. Due to which, children have epileptic seizures. Experts believe that during childbirth, brain injuries of children can be cured through core bundle. Core bundles are installed in all government hospitals. Including intelligent fetal heart rate monitoring, an e-partogram, brain-oriented neonatal resuscitation and birth partner.

Infants die worldwide due to lack of oxygen in the brain of babies during birth. According to Dr. Sudhin Thayil of Imperial College London, epileptic seizures in children can be reduced through the core bundle. Please tell that Dr. Sudhin Thayil is the principal investigator in this project. He said that preventing birth-related brain injuries in infants is complicated and one must work together to prevent this. The £ 3.4 million project funded by the National Institutes of Health Research will be run over four years by researchers from institutions in the UK and India.

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