World Earth Day

World Earth Day 2021: know the history, theme and other important information related to World Earth Day

World Earth Day

History of World Earth Day The idea of ​​celebrating  for the first time came to US Senator Gaylord Nelson.

World Earth Day was celebrated for the first time on 22 April 1970. Later, many countries accepted the decision to celebrate this day.

The day was started by Nelson to honor the qualities of the Earth and also to promote natural balance among the people.

He gave this message to the people that if a person wants to live on earth, then he has to think about it.

Earth is a house that is seen as a mother because it nurtures all of us, nourishes us but the condition of the earth is getting worse day by day.

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The ozone layer has been pierced, the climate is changing, humans are fleeing from their duties towards the Earth,

which is why World Earth Day is organized to try to attract the attention of people around the world.

It is celebrated by 195 countries around the world. Know the history, purpose, subject and other important information of Earth Day from the next slides.

The purpose of celebrating this is that

as the population is increasing on the earth, due to pollution, exploitation of natural resources, increasing imbalance,

the day is not far when the earth will not be a place to live, so it is important that all the people wake up at the right time

Go and understand your responsibilities and perform your duties towards the Earth, with this objective,  Day has been celebrated all over the world for the last 50 years.

The theme of World Earth Day 2021 is set annually.

The theme of this year is to restore the earth. Whatever the world can do to make the earth healthy, it will be considered.

The theme of World Earth Day last year was Climate Action which is a really important issue. Every year the organizers have a new theme.

In this way, World Earth Day is celebrated on

The first day of World Earth Day, people thank the Earth that they found a house where life is present.

Every resource necessary to live is present. Various online and offline competitions take place on this occasion.

Competitions like speech, essay and slogan are held in schools and colleges. Senior people address seminars. Schemes are prepared at the international level.

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