Varun Dhawan shared birthday graphics and than deleted it was heavily trolled amid Corona epidemic

New Delhi  Varun Dhawan was overwhelmed by sharing a graphics of his birthday on social media among the corona virus pandemic. Varun got so trolling about this that he had to delete this graphics and also had to be clarified. 

Actually, April 24 is Varun Dhawan’s birthday. His fans have already started preparing to make his birthday special and his birthday graphics are being shared on social media, which Varun’s fans want to use as their DP on the birthday. One such graphics was shared by Varun on Twitter on Tuesday, which was created by combining the looks of Varun’s films. On the two sides of this graphics, the message of being safe in homes is written in small words. While sharing this, Varun Dhawan had said to be safe. In the midst of the corona epidemic, many users commented negatively on this post of Varun, after which he deleted it. By retweeting a similar comment from a user, Varun told that he had done this to make someone happy, who had made this graphic and requested to share, but I think this medium is used for all of this right now. Should not do. 

This step of Varun was appreciated by many users. At the same time, members of his fan club also apologized for pushing Varun into this situation. Let me tell you, Varun has recently completed the shooting of a wolf in Arunachal Pradesh. This film is being directed by Amar Kaushik. 

Kriti Sanon is the female lead in the film. Varun wrote a post on Instagram and said that shooting a film in Panedemic is very challenging. The film was shot in Zero, Arunachal Pradesh, where there are no cases of corona virus.

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