NASA : President Joe Biden salutes NASA’s ‘MARS revolution’, a proud message after success


NASA has given a new direction to the entire space program

By launching Perseverance Rover on Mars. In search of life on Mars, NASA has succeeded in landing another rover on Mars,

which is being appreciated all over the world.

President Joe Biden is also saluting this achievement of NASA.

President Joe Biden saw this success live on TV and also saluted scientists.

It was watching the whole world about this space revolution

and the American President himself was constantly watching this mission to increase the pulsation.

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Seven months later, as NASA’s Mars Persistence Rover landed on Mars, President Biden called the mission historic, saluting NASA scientists.

Releasing Joe Biden’s statement, the President’s Office Twitter account stated

that ‘Congratulations to NASA and all those involved with this Marsh mission on NASA.

This success of NASA once again proved that American science and the great American society can meet any impossible challenge.

President Joe Biden was constantly watching the historic Marsh mission of NASA on TV in his office.

US Space Agency NASA’s Perseverance Rover has successfully landed on the surface of Mars on Friday i.e. February 19. 7 months ago

Mars Perseverance Rover took off from Earth and Perseverance Rover landed on the surface of Mars around 2.25 minutes according to Indian time.

The Mars Persistence Rover has been successfully landed by NASA in the Jagero crater.

Shortly after the rover reached the red planet, NASA has also released the first picture there.

Which is believed to be an achievement towards the opening of the mysteries of Mars.

Amazing Indian scientist from NASA

Internation time 3: 55 minutes NASA’s Indian Scientist and Project Operation Lead Swati Mohan confirmed NASA’s rover landing safely on the surface of Mars.

And with this, America has become the first country in the world to have launched the highest number of rovers on Mars.

It is believed that NASA’s rover will play a very important role in exploring what life chances are on Mars and whether there has ever been life on Mars.

This Rohar will work to find such places where any possibility of life i.e. microbial life is revealed.

NASA’s Perseverance Rover will collect all the evidence related to life, pieces of soil,

and mountains so that the mission forwarded to Marsh will return to the house with this evidence.

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