Yellow Fungus

After black and white, Now comes the yellow fungus: know the remedies from symptoms to prevention

Yellow Fungus

Know about the yellow fungus and its causes and symptoms.

The second wave of corona virus has already caused a lot of havoc in the country. Every day a significant number of people are dying from the infected. Not only this, people are also suffering from black and white fungus. But now the yellow fungus has knocked in the country, because the first case related to this has come up in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. A patient is a victim of this, and is currently undergoing treatment at a hospital in Ghaziabad. But you might not know about the yellow fungus and its causes and symptoms. So let’s know about this.

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What is the reason for this?

Actually, the reason behind this is also dirt and moisture. Just like in black and white fungus. This is the first case of Yellow Fungus in the country which has been reported from Ghaziabad, so far people infected with this fungus have not been exposed before.

These are symptoms of yellow fungus –

– loss of weight –
initial symptoms like loss of appetite or no appetite at all.

At the same time, in severe cases, the wounds include slow healing, malnutrition, pus, stop functioning of the limbs, and subsidence of the eyes.

Escape measures

As yellow fungus is caused by dirt and moisture. In such a situation, you should keep cleaning inside and around your house, remove the old food items so that bacteria does not develop, take care of the moisture in the house and remove it, keep the humidity of the house 30-40 percent Do not let more than Also, you should avoid eating stale food, so that this  can be avoided.

How Dangerous Yellow Fungus?

It is being said that this  is much more dangerous than black and white fungus. The reason behind this is being told that this disease starts inside the body and after much time, its symptoms are seen outside. Therefore, if you see symptoms, then you should immediately contact the doctor, so that it can be treated in time.

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