Money Heist 5: The wait is over! The final season of ‘Money Heist’ is coming on this date, Netflix’s announcement

New Delhi Netflix’s Spanish crime web series Money Heist has strong fan following worldwide. In India too, there are a large number of fans of this show, including many Bollywood actors. Fans are eagerly waiting for each season of the show, but the absence of the fifth season is too much, because this last show of the show Is the season. Fans are curious to know what happened to the professor and his gang? 

This wait is just going to end, it’s just a matter of two months. Netflix has announced its release date. The fifth and final season will be released in 2 parts. The platforms have announced dates for both. Written by Netflix’s account along with sharing a video of the series – Bella Shout. The last part of the Money Heist is coming this year. Volume 1 will arrive on September 3 and Volume 2 on December 3. 

Four seasons of Money Heist have arrived, called Part. All four seasons are available on Netflix. The show is available in English on Netflix. Due to its popularity, Money Hist has become a cult show, but you must be surprised to know that the show on TV was a flop.

It was built in the year 2017 in the Spanish language. The documentary ‘Money Heist: The Phenomena’, released on Netflix, mentions that the show had flopped. Accordingly, Money Heist was first produced for Spanish TV channel Antina 3. Initially the show was a huge success, but gradually the graph fell. It was decided to close after the second season.

Netflix killed in this flop TV serial. Netflix bought the rights to the show and decided to show it to the whole world. Although Netflix initially didn’t do any publicity, viewers outside Spain liked it. In such a situation, the show gradually became a world wide hit.

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