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KD Singh-Helping the needy in Covid-19 Pandemic

Politics is the set of activities that are associated with governance. It is an art form that studies conflict resolution, conduct, and the management of public affairs. KD Singh explains that the two basics that drive a political leader are power and motives towards state welfare. If an imbalance is found in one of those, it can give rise to chaos. But if handled efficiently, it can set up an example of an ideal government.

KD Singh

A true leader should have his SWOT in his hands. SWOT is the analysis of Strengths- Weaknesses- Opportunities- Threats.

Emerge of Covid-19

The year 2019 has proven to be a threat that nobody was aware of, giving birth to one of the deadliest viruses known as Corona Virus or Covid-19.

  • Its threat had expanded the entire year of 2020 and continues to do the same with 2021.
  • The Covid-19 pandemic has led to the massive decline of human life worldwide, presenting an unprecedented challenge to public health, food systems, and work.

Downfall of Economy

The economy went down rapidly and may take years to renew. Social disruption caused by Covid-19 was devastating and resulted in people losing their livelihoods.

  • In this moment of distress, India has a population of around 136 crores looked to their government for help.
  • Government assistance stumbled at first on the ever-growing fatal virus. A lot of researches went on but, the cause of the virus was unknown.
  • Many people lost their lives though we still had some hope.

Lockdown in 2020

The government started with initiating a lockdown with rules and regulations to mind the whole scenario. The pandemic has put the government assistance programs into overdrive. These programs provide benefits in the form of payments, goods, or services to help with the basic living expenses of those with low wages.

Some of the programs initiated by the government were- 

  1. Stand Up India
  2. Covid-19 Orphans Relief
  3. Gareeb Kalyan Scheme

KD Singh is an Indian business turned politician who played a role in the performance of these programs according to the rules. He took a slew of measures to help families who have lost their breadwinners to coronavirus disease.

  • Considering the surge in mortality rates during the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic and its impact on families, Kanwar Deep Singh was the major investor in protecting the vulnerable sections.
  • He aimed to focus especially on children who lost their parents due to Covid-19.
  • KD Singh extended his helping hand by assisting people in finding medicines and oxygen cylinders and proper hospital beds. He helped people regain their hope.

KD Singh Shows Path to Recovery

After long months of the pandemic, we are still struggling to see a way to restore health, economies, and societies together. There is a steady decline in cases, early signs of recovery, and fewer deaths. Long-term planning and investments will enable us to rebuild the country’s economy. The vision is to become healthy and Covid-free once again.

This is what KD Singh Suggests in Conclusion

We are still in this fight against Covid-19. So, I urge you to keep washing your hands, maintain social distancing, wear masks and practice mindfulness and stress relief.

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