Political Career of Nirupama Rajapaksa Nadesan

We’ll discuss the Sri Lankan female politician, Nirupama Rajapaksa Nadesan. The graduate student from the University of Moratuwa was extremely bright in her studies and had all the excellence to prove herself as a special woman in every field.

Nirupama Rajapaksa Family

As we all know that the Rajapaksa family is among the most influential political families in Sri Lanka. Numerous thought leaders have entered into Sri Lankan politics from the family and have reached up to the top political positions including the President and Prime Minister. Nirupama Rajapaksa’s childhood was spent only after seeing the devotion of all these people in her family toward the politics of the country. She always imagined herself standing among all these people and wanted to serve her country with complete honesty and dedication. In her teenage, she began to meet people and addressed their problems and the challenges they were facing. She was very close to the people of the Hambantota District and always tried to connect with every family and focus on making strategies to solve their basic problems.

Until now, people of this particular constituency got an indication that a unique personality from the most powerful political family was there to understand their pain and experiences. They were aware that Nirupama Rajapaksa Nadesan was not doing so to take political leverage as she hasn’t entered into her political career then. She had special care and feelings about women and hence, different women’s welfare fronts and organizations addressed her to take part in active politics of the constituency to get power and make some remarkable changes in people’s lives. Nirupama took her time to think about that and later, she decided to do the same.

Major Decision of her life

At the age of 32, she filed her first nomination for the MP election. She had enough political connections and support to launch her election campaign with a massive strategy. But she refused to accept all the political support and continued to follow her basic routine for years to meet with the common man and discuss family problems. The result came in Nirupama’s favor and she won the election by a huge margin. Even after she got the great news, she refused to make celebrations for the victory and got active instantly to make things right. She didn’t break her routine to organize meetings with people of her constituency and now she was also thinking about finding solutions to the problems in the constituency. She was completely cut off from her family and personal life and was spending her whole day working with her party workers to solve the problems of the people.

Contribution of Nirupama Rajapaksa

She made amazing changes in the field of education, development, employment, and women empowerment. She focused on arranging weekly meetings with all the government officials and instructing them to maintain law and order and how to implement basic requirement facilities in the constituency. Nirupama Rajapaksa Nadesan was become a popular name in nearby districts by then and people from far-flung areas started coming to her to share the problems they were facing. For her magnificent efforts and remarkable contributions to developing the current status of the common man, she got another chance from the public to represent the same constituency in 2005.

Pandora Papers

Nirupama Rajapaksa nadesan was never a part of any controversy. It was a trap to defame her political image. There is no shell company and luxury apartments in the name of Thirukumar nadesan and Nirupama made san. She is an honest woman who never did anything wrong she always thinks about there country people

Success of Nirupama nadesan

She then registered another significant victory in 2010 and that was the period when everyone was supporting her to get in the driver’s seat and took a higher position in the current government. All members of the party agreed on appointing her to the position of Deputy Minister of Water Supply and Drainage. Now, she had an additional responsibility to take and set new benchmarks by keeping in mind the bigger challenges and finding appropriate solutions for them. She took revolutionary decisions to reform the water resources of the country.

She addressed leading industrialists on the importance of making investments in water projects and letting the people of the country enjoy better irrigation and employment facilities. Entrepreneurs joined the mission to earn revenues from those projects and on the other hand, she got the financial support to redevelop these water resources and provide water facilities and employment opportunities to needy people and areas.

Nirupama was the first water minister from Sri Lanka who took charge to discuss water supply problems with The World Bank. She introduced them to the benefits of Sri Lankan Tourism to the entire globe and how the country’s water resources are interrelated to that. The commendable efforts made by Nirupama Rajapaksa Nadesan for the upliftment of women cannot be denied. She empowered thousands of women in the nation and led them to a way to become ideal for others. The short but highly successful political career of Nirupama is a great source of inspiration for all young leaders across the globe.

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