Israel-Hamas Conflict: Hamas Launches Over 130 Rockets to Israel, Netanyahu Declares Emergency


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Israel-Hamas conflict between Israel (Israel) and Palestine (palestine) on Tuesday-Wednesday -conflict) has become more intensified. In response to the Israeli air strikes, the terrorist organization Hamam,

occupied by Palestine, has fired more than 130 rockets at Tel Aviv, the capital of the Jewish country. . An Indian woman has also died in Gaza in these attacks. At the same time, after the major clashes in Israel’s Lod, Benjamin Netanyahu declared a state emergency.

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According to news agency Reuters, Gaza’s Islam ruler Hamas said it fired more than 130 rockets over Tel Aviv on Tuesday night in response to the Israeli airstrike, which demolished a tower.¬†Videos of this have surfaced.

Israel has destroyed most of Hamas’s rocket with its defense system, while supporters of Hamas are claiming a lot of damage to Israel in social media.¬†This is Hamas’s biggest attack on Israel so far.

In the conflict between Israel and Hamas, 32 Palestinians and three Israeli civilians have died in two days. The 32-year-old Indian woman, Soumya Santhosh, has also died in the rocket attacks of the terrorist organization Hamas.

At the same time, US State Department spokesman Ned Price said, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has expressed his concern about the rocket attacks on Israel to Israeli Foreign Minister Gabby Ashkenazi and expressed his condolences to the dead.

US State Department spokesman Ned Price said, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken
reiterated his call from all sides to reduce tensions and prevent violence , which has killed the lives of Israeli and Palestinian citizens, including children.

Most of the rockets fired from the Gaza Strip on the Imavas’ Tel Avis were destroyed by the Israeli Missile Defense System Iron Dome.¬†It is such that Israel identifies rockets in a very precise way and destroys them in the air by retaliating.¬†Even before this Israeli missile defense system Iron Dome had failed Hamas attacks many times.

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