Fearing Criticism, Pakistani coach Misbah Said I have No Magic Wand

Karachi Former captain of Pakistan cricket team Misbah-ul-Haq is currently playing the dual role of coach and selector of the team. He has been constantly criticized after the embarrassing defeat of the team in the Test series on Australia tour. Tired of criticism, Misbah has said that I do not have any magic wand which can change the destiny of the team immediately. .

Misbah said that if the team did not do well in the next few months, then they are ready to leave their post but nothing is going to happen immediately. He said that he cannot lead the team to the top by twisting the magic wand overnight.

Former captain Misbah spoke to the media in Lahore when announcing the 16-man squad against Sri Lanka.¬†The Pakistani coach became angry when he was questioned about the team’s poor performance in Australia.¬†Even though he did not allow the gesture to be revealed, the answer was known

In response to the question, Misbah said, what do you want. You have to understand that I do not have any magic wand that I will fix everything in a moment as I roll. Players will have to go through a process only after that they will be able to perform well by staying stable in their place.

It is not good for me to sit here and watch such a performance of the Pakistan cricket team. Yes, nobody likes it, I think someone else would be doing this work in my place. But I am a very honest man, I am giving my best. It takes time to rebuild the team.

When Misbah was asked how he feels upon hearing the criticism, he cannot stop it. Misbah said, “I cannot stop anyone from saying anything, but for me it is a matter of simplicity that I speak whatever is in my heart.”

Misbah said that there is no pressure on people because of what they say.¬†He said, because of playing a double role for the team, there is no pressure on me for people to say anything.¬†According to me, those people are wasting their energy … Those who criticize me … Actually they want this place to be empty.

On his dual role with the team, Misbah said, “I am in touch with the rest of the selectors and coaches from six provinces even after being the chief selector.”¬†Everyone talked with them even before this team was finalized.¬†I don’t trust the One Man show.¬†I am absolutely honest about my intentions and I know it takes time to build a team, especially when the youth are also present.

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