Rahul Vohra

Actor Rahul Vohra dies from Corona, seeking help for better treatment till last time

Rahul Vohra

Rahul Vohra had reported through a Facebook post earlier this week that he was infected with the Corona virus.

There has been a deep impact on the entertainment world as well. Many stars have lost their lives due to this dangerous disease. At the same time, actor-YouTuber Rahul Vohra has also died due to this virus. This has been confirmed by theater director-playwright Arvind Gaur.

The situation is becoming uncontrollable by the second wave of Corona epidemic across the country. The situation has become such that people are also having difficulty in getting treatment. In such a situation, what is special and what is common, all are facing problems.

After which he was admitted to Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital, Tahirpur and was taken to Ayushman Hospital in Dwarka on Saturday evening. But due to lack of better treatment, he has now died.

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At the same time, Arvind Gaur wrote in his Facebook post, “Rahul Vohra is gone. My promising actor is no more. Only yesterday, Rahul said that if I had got a good treatment, I would have survived too. Yesterday evening he was shifted from Rajiv Gandhi Hospital to Ayushman, Dwarka. Rahul we could not save you, sorry, we are your criminals. Last salute. ”

Let me tell you that Rahul had earlier pleaded for help and said that ‘is there such a hospital?’ Where do I find the oxygen bed because here my oxygen level is constantly going down. Nobody else is going to see. I am very compelled to post this in Delhi because the housemates are unable to handle anything. Eventually he succumbed to the disease and left the world saying goodbye. But before leaving, Rahul has written a painful post which everyone is shocked after reading.

Rahul wrote in his post, “If I had got good treatment, I would have survived.” Rahul further wrote, ‘I will be born soon and will do good work. Now I have lost courage. In his post, Rahul has also tagged PM Modi and Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia.


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