Sameera Reddy revealed, ‘I went into depression after delivery, I was not happy even with my son in my lap’

New Delhi Sameer Reddy, who has been completely away from the film industry, enjoys his personal life to the fullest. While having fun with her two children, Sameer often shares posts on Instagram. But recently, Sameer has made a disclosure related to his son, which you will definitely be shocked to hear. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, while everyone shared something special on their social media account, Sameer has revealed his depression on this particular day. The actress told how she had gone into depression after her first pregnancy, even she did not feel happy to have a son in her lap. He has also explained in detail why this happened to the actress.

In an interview to Humans of Bombay, the actress said, ‘When I was pregnant for the first time in Hans’ time, I thought I would pose like page 3 moms, flaunt the perfect baby bump. But after 9 months, I lost 105 kg, but even when I took my son to the dock, I still did not feel any happiness. I had gone into depression. My husband used to do all the work of the child and I used to think how the actress returned to her work after a month. My mother-in-law kept asking me that your child is healthy, you have got such a supportive husband, yet why are you upset? I used to have no answer ‘.

When I came home after being discharged from the hospital, I cried a lot. I also felt gullible thinking that I was not with my son. This all went on for about 1 year, during which I broke several times. I completely separated myself from the industry. I used to go out very rarely and by then my weight was only 105 kg. During this time I also had a disease called alopecia areata (rapid hair loss). My hair was falling very fast ‘.

‘After this, I resorted to homopaths and told them about everything. Then gradually everything went well and after 2 years of disappearance, I decided to join social media. People used to ask me, how will I become a mother, a yogi, a mother of a mother? I decided that I will not lie just to increase my followers. I was also trolled for my looks. But when I became pregnant again in 2018, I thought that I am going to be like this’.

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