Coronavirus: 743 deaths a day in Italy

Coronavirus: 743 deaths a day in Italy, worldwide death toll reached 17,225

Coronavirus: 743 deaths a day in Italy
In Italy, the number of corona-infected patients can be more than 10 times. In Spain, in the last twenty-four hours, 514 people have died due to corona infection. Know the state of the world …

Rome, agencies. The death toll in Italy suddenly rose two days later on Tuesday. Due to the deadly corona virus, a further 743 died here and the death toll reached 6,820. It is feared that the number of infected people may be 10 times higher. In Britain too, 87 people died in a single day, the highest number ever. The death toll there has been 422. The death toll worldwide has risen to 17,225, while 3,95,500 people have been infected.

Transition increased rapidly in Italy

In Italy, the number of infected has also increased to around five thousand. The number of infected increased to 69,176 on Tuesday as against 63,927 on Monday. The number of infected people is expected to be 10 times more. The reason behind this is being told that only those people who are going to the hospital for some reason or the other are being tested. Although there may be millions of people who are infected, they have not been tested.

One out of every 10 infected

The head of Italy’s Civil Protection Agency, Angelo Borelli, told the La Repubblica newspaper that the ratio of one person infected to every 10 people is reliable. If this ratio is considered the basis, then there can be 6,40,000 people infected in the country. Please tell that the population of Italy is more than six crores. He said that Italy is struggling with a shortage of masks and ventilators. We are trying to get healthcare devices from other countries, but countries like Russia, Romania, India and Turkey have stopped their sales.

Scarcity of masks in italy

Borelli said that we are in touch with our embassies located in these countries, but we feel that masks etc. will not be able to reach from abroad. The epidemic has also caused deep damage to Italy’s economy. Business activities are at a standstill across the country. The government has demanded bailout packages from European Union countries, but rich countries are not showing much interest on it. Currently, the so-called European Stability Mechanism (ESM) is ready to help, but has set strict conditions for this.

Trains congested despite lockdown in Britain

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a three-week lockdown to prevent the infection, but passenger congestion in underground trains running in the country is questioning its seriousness. Transport Minister Gantt Schap said the government was seriously considering running trains only for essential employees. On the other hand, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has said that it is time for the challenges we face.

514 people killed in Spain in last 24 hours

In Spain, 514 people have died in the last twenty-four hours. The death toll there has reached 2,696. There have been 6,600 new infection cases in a single day. The number of infected persons has increased to 39,673.

Emergency approved in the Philippines

The Parliament of the Philippines has also approved the proposal to impose emergency in the country. This will give the President the right to run programs to help the common people. Also, the way to take punitive action against those who violate the quarantine will also be cleared. So far, 35 people have died and 552 have been infected with Corona in the Philippines.

Condition of other countries

  • The number of infected in Pakistan has increased to 956. 150 billion rupees package announced for the poor
  • Two people have died from Corona in Saudi Arabia. At the same time, the UAE is in the process of lockdown
  • Locked across the country for seven days from Tuesday morning in Nepal.
  • Bangladesh has declared a public holiday from Thursday to April 4.

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