valentine week list 2021

Valentine Week List 2021: know the full schedule, which day is which day

Valentines Week List 2021 will begin on 7th February.

valentine week

Valentine Week list 2021 starts on the 7th of February 2021 and end on the 14th of February 2021. For those who love, Valentine’s Week is no less than a festival. For this whole week, you can show your love to your partner in many ways.

Many loving couples eagerly await Valentine Week so that they can once again express their love with full confidence.

With this, for those people who love someone but have not yet been able to tell from their heartfelt partner, this whole week is also very special for them.

Do such romantics things for your loved ones and go for an outing celebrates this romantic week and show your love.

These seven days are purely divided into some romantic things. But before that, it is important that you know the whole list from the start of Valentine’s Week so that you can prepare completely and decide your day to day celebration from now on and there is no confusion at the last moment.

February is full of the romantic month. There are lots of people who always excited about this valentine week. It has a lovely kind of vibe which attracts people to celebrate it on another level. We are trying over here to make your valentine’s week special by sharing all the information about this.

Do some special activities on Valentine’s weekend with your partner, make every moment memorable. Two days weekend ie it is a good opportunity for those who love to roam.

Today, decorating the house well or taking the partner on a dinner date has become very common. This time, try to make your partner happy in a different way. You can make a surprise trip plan for your partner or join a new kind of activity with them.

Let see the proper list of valentine week 2021 over here,

First day of valentine week ( Rose day)

First day of valentine week- Rose day


The first day of this romantic week is rose day is on the 7 of February. people express their feelings towards the partner by giving them a rose. The Red Rose donates a lovely symbol of love. The meaning of emotions also changes with different colors of roses.

The second day of valentine week ( Propose day)

second day of valentine week - propose day

Now we are sharing the second day 8th of February is known as the proposed day. everyone shares their feelings by proposing to someone.

Propose your lover in a romantic way at a romantic place or an open terrace or around a beach, or at a dinner place with candlelight dinner or where you want your heart to sit on your knees and say your heart to your partner.

The third day of valentine week ( Chocolate Day)

The third day of valentine day- chocolate day

The third day is a very good start for every relationship and friendship also on the day of Chocolate Day, you can gift chocolate to your partner. Chocolate comes in different and very beautiful packing for this day. You can show your partner how special they are and give them chocolates and show their love.

The fourth day of valentine week ( teddy day)

fourth day of valentine week-teddy day

Teddy day is the fourth day on the day of Teddy Day, you can gift cute and cute little teddy bear to your partner. Like the heart, it is said about your heart by giving a soft-soft teddy. Girls like this soft toy more.

The fifth day of valentine week (Promise Day)

Fifth day of valentine week- promise day

people give promises to each other. This is the door that keeps two hearts connected. People also feel connected to their partner by living in different Sharon.

In such a situation, on Promise Day on February 11, you can also promise your partner that his love will always be special for you.

If you have a lot of love for someone and do not want to lose it, then take these 8 Promises from them on the occasion of Promise Day on 11 February. On this day, all people make loving promises to their partner or lover.

There are some promises to do

  1. Do never doubt
  2. Give importance to partner
  3. Will does not break trust
  4. I Will support you at every step and time
  5. will never lie

The sixth day of valentine (Hug day)

Sixth day of valentine week- Hug day

Now the close one’s day, hug day. This is the day of the feeling of touch which you should not deny ever If, in return, your partner also gives you a magic hug filled with love, then understand that in his heart too, there is unending love for you.

The Seventh-day of valentine ( kiss day)

Seventh day of valentine week-kiss day

Kiss day, On this day you can express your love by kissing the partner’s forehead, kissing his hands, or kissing his lips. But before that, you must know that your partner is comfortable with whom.

Now, Its valentine day,

finally such a long wait, the last comes Valentine’s Day. On Valentine’s Day, you can spend relaxed moments with your partner in solitude. He believed in promoting love in the world. Life was in love with him.

But a king of the same city, Claudius, did not like this. The king felt that love and marriage destroyed both men’s intelligence and power. For this reason, soldiers and officers in his state could not marry.

Valentine week list 2021 (Calendar)

Valentine Week 2021 Calender

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