Film Review Danny Denzongpa's son Rinjing's debut film Squad

Film Review Danny Denzongpa’s son Rinjing’s debut film Squad was seen far from thrill and curiosity

Film Review Danny Denzongpa's son Rinjing's debut film Squad

Film Review Danny Denzongpa’s son Rinjing’s debut film Squad Recently, when the trailer of the film Squad was released, there was a lot of curiosity to see the film. The film marks the debut of actor Danny Denzongpa’s son Rinjing in Hindi cinema.¬†He has been launched from the squad as an action hero.¬†Anita Raj’s niece Malvika Raj is also making her debut in Hindi cinema with this film.¬†Malavika played the childhood character of Pooja (Kareena Kapoor) in the film Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham.

The film has been written keeping the spirit of patriotism at the center of the youth who are ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of the country.¬†A squad of young jawans is prepared to bring back a six-year-old girl Mimi Banerjee from Georgia to the country safely.¬†Actually, this girl’s maternal grandfather Dr. Banerjee is a renowned scientist.¬†He has created a superhuman, who can fight with enemies continuously. His invention is used in an attack on the Naxalites, but he kills the innocent people of the village along with the Naxalites.¬†Since then scientists are missing with their formulas. The intelligence agencies of the whole world are behind Mimi so that the scientist can be reached through him.¬†National Emergency Response Operations chief Nandini Rajput (Pooja Batra) ‘Desh ki Beti’¬†Mimi’s safe return is commanded by Bhima (Rinjing Denzongpa).¬†Bheem’s team consists of Aria (Malvika Raj), Eddie (Tanisha Dhillon) and Amit Dixit (Amit Gaur).¬†Even here, the piercing of the house in Lanka is in a dilapidated condition.¬†The bureaucrat Abhay Bhatnagar (Mohan Kapoor), who works with Nandini, is the only traitor.

The characters of the actors who came in supporting roles with Bheem have not been crafted properly.¬†The film has been promoted as an action movie, but there is no power in the action.¬†In the film, the squad is attacked by special forces but they do not seem special from anywhere.¬†Enemies fight with many state-of-the-art weapons including AK 47 but Bhim is like a man army.¬†He single-handedly defeats all the enemies and throws them twenty feet away.¬†He fights hand to hand more than weapons.¬†Rinzing needs to work harder on his acting and dialogue delivery.¬†Malavika along with Rinjing got a chance to romance with action in the film.¬†However, there is no interest in the love story of both.¬†There is nothing new in the character of Pooja Batra.¬†The background music of the film also doesn’t seem to be in sync with the story.¬†The child actors and cinematography of the film are definitely mesmerizing.

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