This American technician is getting hiccups for 12 years, medicine is also ineffective, doctor in surprise

This American Technician Is Getting Hiccups For 12 Years, Medicine Is Also Ineffective, Doctor In Surprise

There is a perception in the villages of North India that if you are having hiccups, then you must be missing someone close to you. However, there are different reasons for hiccups in medical science. According to doctors, if you have more hiccups then it can also be a symptom of some disease. But there have been many people in the world who have been troubled by lifelong hiccups. 

A similar story is that of Lisa Graves. 31-year-old Lisa Graves is the mother of two daughters. Lisa lives in Lincoln, USA. Nail is a technician by profession. They have been troubled by hiccups for the last 12 years. Sometimes these hiccups take the form of barking dogs. She wants to get rid of it, but so far no cure or native recipe has worked. Now they have become accustomed to them. 

Actually, Lisa had a mild stroke while giving birth to the first child. Doctors say that these hiccups can be a side effect of this stroke. However, doctors have not been able to reveal the reasons for this. Lisa says that I get hiccups even when talking to someone. In the beginning, I used to feel ashamed when this happened. But slowly it got used to it. 

Lisa said, many times my sleep breaks due to hiccups.¬†It comes so fast that my husband (Lisa’s husband Matthew) wakes up.¬†On the other hand, doctors call hiccups a rare case, describing this as a side effect.¬†The longest hiccup case of all time is Charles Osborne.¬†This American citizen also spent 68 years with hiccups.¬†Reports said that for a few decades Osborne had hiccups up to 40 times a minute.¬†

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