Study: Immunologic tuberculosis is not Life long infection

Recent research related to TB (Immunologic Tuberculosis) has revealed that in many cases the affected person does not get TB disease even after the TB-associated skin and blood test. According to the researchers, the reason is the strong immune system of those people.


Researchers further tell about this research that due to the strong immune system, blood and skin test, some people are not able to get TB even after getting TB positive because this disease is not developed in their body. This infection is caused by organisms. By this, the Mycobacterium turbucleosis is eliminated by the immune system in a natural way and exits the body. In such a situation, this disease does not prevail.

The National Institute of Health and Other Nonprofit Organization spends several million dollars on such studies because investigations so far revealed that the infection life of TB is long lives. This information was attached to the University of Pennsylvania and co-author of this research was given by Paul H. Edelistine. He further said that in our research, it has been revealed that the infection of TB remains life long only in rare conditions. Whereas in about 90 per cent of the people, the chances of returning from this disease or reaching the fatal level are equal.

During this research, the researchers used many previous research in this direction, in which people were given preventive treatment of this disease. In these, it was able to serve the infection only in those people who had HIV or who had an organ transplant. These symptoms of TB, prevent the disease, such a study has also revealed that 60 to 70 percent of active cases of TB after treatment of people suffering from TB for one year. Reduced. However, for the next nine years, the blood and skin tests of these people were TB positive. This suggests that it may even take up to 9 years for TB infection to be completely eradicated.

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