Xhelper threat

Xhelper threat on Android users, 131 devices affected every day

Xhelper threat

Android users have always been complaining of apps affected by viruses and malware. In the coming days, we hear some news in which a new virus is detected. Now new news is coming in which some Android users have complained about the malware. They say that even after deleting the malware, it is automatically installed on the phone. At the same time, even if the phone is factory reset, it gets reinstalled on the phone. This malware is named Xhelper. Over 45 thousand Android devices have been affected by this malware in the last 6 months.

Symantec’s latest report states that Xhelper malware is affecting about 131 devices every day and about 2,400 Android devices every month. The users most affected by this are present in India, America, and Russia. This malware enters the user’s phone through a third-party app. A Malwarebytes report states that it is the source of web redirects. It sends users to the web page that hosts the Android app. From here, users get information about how to side-load unofficial Android apps. The code hidden in such apps downloads the xHelper trojan. Users make money: Reports say that it is not causing much harm to users. It shows popup advertisements and notification spam. By clicking on these, the users are redirected to the Play Store. Here they are asked to install the app. From this, it can be inferred that this malware is making money through the ‘Pay-Per-Install’ Commission, that means that the more apps downloaded, the more malware gang will get money.

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