Sooraj Pancholi’s spilled pain, actor said- ‘Jia Khan case ruined his 8 years…’

New Delhi, Jnn. The suicide case of late Bollywood actress Jiah Khan has recently taken a new turn. The case of his death has been transferred to the Special Court of CBI. Actor Sooraj Pancholi is accused of allegedly abetting Jiah Khan’s suicide in this case. At the same time, Sooraj Pancholi has given his reaction on the transfer of the case to the CBI court.

Sooraj Pancholi spoke to the English website Times of India. During this, he talked at length on the matter of Jiah Khan’s death. Sooraj Pancholi has said that the Jiah Khan case has ruined 8 years of his life. The actor has said, ‘Now I am a little relieved after the case is transferred to the special CBI court, I think it should have been in the CBI court from the beginning.’

Sooraj Pancholi further said, ‘It is too late but now it has arrived. If the court finds me guilty during the trial, then I should be punished and if I am proved innocent then I am entitled to be cleared of these charges. This period has been very difficult for me. I believe there will be light at the end of every tunnel. It has been difficult for me because the industry and everything around it is a perception work and the perception about me is not what I wanted it to be.

The actor further said, ‘It was ruined years ago. I don’t know how I’ve lived for the last eight years. My family has seen me in that condition. For all these years I’ve just been trying to get the most out of it and forget about things. So my goal is to look ahead and move forward. Now me and my family are hopeful that the CBI court will at least expedite the matter.

Let us tell you that Jiah Khan was one of the famous actresses of Bollywood. On June 3, 2013, his body was found at his apartment in Juhu. The actress had committed suicide and also wrote a 6-page suicide note. In her suicide note, Jiah Khan had written the name of boyfriend Sooraj Pancholi and made many revelations about him. Since then a case was registered against Surat Pancholi.  

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