Malaika Arora is very fit even at the age of 47, she is happy by eating healthy food, not diet

 New Delhi, Jnn. Bollywood’s famous actress Malaika Arora is known for her fitness. 47-year-old Malaika Arora beats even today’s young actresses with her looks and perfect figure. However, Malaika does not compromise on food to maintain her fitness. Recently, an example of this has also been shared by Malaika.

Malaika Arora is very active on social media. The actress often shares her many pictures and videos. Especially Malaika’s fitness and workout videos are quite viral on social media. Apart from this, Malaika also keeps sharing many pictures of food. Which shows that Malaika Arora is quite a foodie. Now he himself has shared a picture and told that he gets happiness by eating good food.

Malaika Arora recently shared a picture of herself through her official Instagram account. In this picture, food items are kept around Malaika. Malaika is also looking very happy in the picture. Sharing this, Malaika wrote in the caption, ‘Yes! This is what I want to feel every time I eat a bite from my meal – I am happy, excited and satisfied that I have made the right choice.’

Malaika further writes, ‘I am fond of food, so I love to eat. Although sometimes sweets and high oily food also attracts me, but I usually like to eat such food, which keeps me healthy and makes me feel good and can last me through the day. Even a simple meal like a crispy salad or a bowl of hot hard rice can do it, as long as it’s tasty and worth enjoying.

With this post, Malaika also asked her fans about their favorite food. Malaika wrote at the end of the post, ‘Can you tell me what kind of food makes you feel good?’ On this post of Malaika, her fans are also telling their choice. At the same time, this picture of Malaika is also being praised fiercely. Let us tell you that Malaika Arora is a fitness freak and she pays more attention to workouts to maintain her fitness. At the same time, she appeals to the people that it is not enough to just give up food or diet for fitness.

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