Tirath Singh Rawat

Resignation of Tirath Singh Rawat: Not constitutional, Uttarakhand CM’s chair entangled in political vortex

Tirath Singh Rawat

Resignation of Tirath Singh Rawat : Uttarakhand is once again entangled in the political vortex.

Tirath Singh Rawat, who took over as the chief minister in March, resigned from the chief minister’s post.

With this, the road for the new Chief Minister was ready in the state.

Even though the reason for this is being told as the screw of Tirath not contesting the by-election,

but political experts are considering the narrative being made against the government as a reason for resigning.

The comments of the Uttarakhand High Court also became the basis in making this narrative.

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The High Court made serious comments regarding the haste to start the Chardham Yatra, the rush of Mahakumbh during the Kovid period,

the laxity in the matter of roadways employees, etc., which made the government uncomfortable.

Whereas the experts of the constitution clearly say that there is no constitutional crisis in front of the Election Commission or the government.

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat passed away.

During the tenure of more than 100 days, the Chief Minister could not even transfer the officers in the districts. Apart from this,

in addition to more than a hundred responsibilities removed during the tenure of the Trivendra government,

ambitious leaders sent a message to the high command through the organization that the race for 2022 elections cannot be won on the strength of the current leadership.

There was no constitutional obligation to resign,

the Election Commission had a mandatory duty Even though politically the reason for the resignation is being told that the by-election is not being held,

but experts in legal and constitutional matters do not believe that there was any constitutional crisis in the by-election.

According to High Court advocate and legal expert Dr. Kartikeya Harigupta, Article 164(4) of the Constitution

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