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Donald Trump:Screws may be tightened on former President Donald Trump’s company

Donald Trump

Former US President Donald Trump company, which is involved in tax related crimes in America, can be tightened.

Donald Trump company’s chief financial officer (CFO) Alan Weiselberg surrendered on Thursday morning even before charges were framed during an ongoing investigation into the company’s operating practices.

Weiselberg arrived in Manhattan court with his lawyer around 6:20 a.m.

New York prosecutors may announce the indictment of the company named after Donald Trump and its finance chief Weiselberg for tax-related offenses for the first time in a two-year investigation into the ways Trump’s businesses were conducted.

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Agencies can get a lot of business-related information from Weiselberg, one of former President Donald Trump trusted mentors, and his developer father, Fred.

Charges against Donald Trump company and its chief financial officer (CFO) Alan Weiselberg were not disclosed Wednesday night, but could be made public before an indictment is filed in a Manhattan state court, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Efforts being made to serve political interests: Trump Organization The Trump Organization issued a statement defending Weiselberg.

The company said that all this is being done not for the interest of the employees but for political interest. The company said that 48-year-old Weiselberg is being used against the former president.

Meanwhile, Weiselberg’s attorneys Mary Mulligan and Brian Scarlettos issued a statement saying he was not guilty and that he would continue to fight the charges against him in court.

Trump evaded media questions Former President Trump did not answer media questions on the New York issue during his visit to Texas on Wednesday and questions were postponed.

Earlier, the Republican leader slammed New York prosecutors, calling them “vulgar, bad and outright prejudiced.

Trump said earlier this week that his company’s activities are in line with standard operating procedures for the entire American business community and are not a crime in any way.

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