Poonam Pandey arrested with her boyfriend, committed this crime in Corona virus lockdown!

New Delhi Actress Auran model Poonam Pandey has been arrested by Mumbai Police. Police arrested the model along with boyfriend Sam Ahmed from near Marine Drive. Police arrested Poonam Pandey and her boyfriend for violating the lockdown imposed on the corona virus. It is being told that both went out of their car after lockdown, after which the police arrested and seized their BMW car as well.

A case has been registered against the two under the National Disaster Management Act.¬†According to the news agency ANI, a Mumbai Police official said, ‘A case has been registered against Poonam Shobhanath Pandey under the National Disaster Management Act at 8 pm on behalf of Marine Drive Police Station.¬†Also, his car has been confiscated by the police.

Explain that Poonam Pandey’s identity is due to her bold videos and photographs. Poonam Pandey is very active on Instagram and keeps sharing videos and photos for the fans. She continues to share her bold videos even during lockdown. If you look at her Instagram account, the actress only shares bold videos and her views are also very high. 

Poonam Pandey has been in the news for nude photos many times and has come in the news due to her challenge several times. Once, after winning the Cricket World Cup in 2011, Poonam talked a lot about being nude for Team India.

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