Neena Gupta’s disclosure: The first marriage was done because of this childish reason, the relationship was broken after a few days

New Delhi, Jnn. Bollywood actress Neena Gupta is in news these days, the reason for this is her biography ‘Sach Kahun’. In this book, Neena Gupta has made such revelations that people were unaware till now. In the book, Neena has also told about her first marriage, which lasted very little and was done for very childish reasons.

Used to date Amalan

Neena has written in the book that, ‘She met Amalan Kumar Ghosh in the program of Inter College. Amlan studied at IIT Delhi. The two started meeting secretly near their hostel campus or home. Amlan’s parents lived in another city, but his grandfather was Nina’s neighbor. Due to this, both of them used to get opportunities to meet.

 was forbidden to have a boyfriend

Neena further said that both she and Amalan spent many festivals and holidays together. Also, it is clearly said in the book that it was strictly forbidden for Nina to have a boyfriend, but the experience was very exciting. The couple used to go on a date by car and both spent a lot of time near IIT Delhi.

Due to this condition, the first marriage was done

Regarding their relationship, Neena further says, ‘After hiding about her relationship with her mother for a long time, she became serious about this relationship. After this he told the mother about this because the couple had become serious about their relationship. Nina’s mother was not happy with this relationship, yet both of them got married.

Regarding how the marriage took place, the actress has written- ‘Amalan and his friends planned a trip to Srinagar. Neena also wanted to go with him, but her mother said that she can go anywhere with Amalan only after marriage. 

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