Mouth breathing can be dangerous for children

If children get used to mouth breathing, it can be harmful for them. In this case, the child may have a problem of dry mouth. In fact, when children breathe through the mouth, air passes through their entire mouth and carries moisturizer (moisture) with them, while a sufficient amount of saliva (spit) in your mouth is very important to protect the mouth from bacteria.

Baby sleeping with open mouth daytime sleep

Fear of many problems related
to the mouth Due to lack of saliva, many mouth problems such as cavities, tooth infection, bad breath can occur. The shape of the baby’s face and teeth can also deteriorate. These changes can occur when the child breathes through the mouth for a long time – the face may be thin and long, the teeth may be crooked, gums appear when smiling or laughing, etc.

Not sleeping well
Usually people who breathe through their mouth do not get good sleep, due to which their body remains tired even after sleeping. Sleeping less weakens the mind and can cause many physical problems and dangerous diseases.

High BP and heart diseases
According to experts, the right amount of oxygen does not reach the body during mouth breathing, due to which there may be a lack of oxygen in the arteries. Lack of oxygen can make him a victim of high blood pressure and heart diseases. Apart from this, the child may also have insomnia.

Oxygen deficiency may occur
When breathing through the mouth, the windpipe dries up. It consumes some amount of oxygen in alveoli. Alvioli is a part of the respiratory system that converts oxygen into carbon dioxide molecules. Due to this, all the oxygen does not reach the rest of the body.

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