Merry Christmas 2021

Merry Christmas 2021| Know why it is called Merry Christmas instead of Happy Christmas

Merry Christmas 2021

Merry Christmas 2021: Christmas is celebrated every year on 25 December. The big¬†day is also celebrated on this day.¬†The day after this is celebrated as Boxing Day.¬†You must be shocked to hear that what is Boxing Day?¬†So let us tell you that it is customary to celebrate Boxing Day on the next day of Christmas Day. On this occasion, people give gifts to each other. People of all religions and all societies all over the world celebrate Christmas together and happy Christmas day wishes each other by calling or sending messages. But do you know that in all festivals the English word ‘Happy’ is used, but in Christmas people use the word ‘Mary’ of Happy? Come, know everything about it-

When and why is Christmas celebrated?

As we all know that on December 25, the God of Christianity, Jesus was born. For this, followers of Christianity all over the world celebrate the birthday of Lord Jesus on 25 December. At present, people of all religions celebrate Christmas. On this day the church is decorated and prayers are held. People  wish each other a Merry Christmas by giving gifts and sweets.

Why is it called Merry Christmas

According to historians, in the past people used to say only Happy Christmas.¬†Even today many people say Happy Christmas instead of Mary.¬†Britain’s Queen Elizabeth also likes to say Happy Christmas.¬†Along with this, many big celebrities also say Happy Christmas.¬†If you also say Happy Christmas to someone, then there is no mistake in it.¬†Talk about when Mary took the place of Happy, then let us tell you that the famous litterateur Charles Dincan used the word Merry Christmas for the first time in his book ‘A Christmas Carol’.¬†Since then people started saying Merry Christmas instead of Happy.

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