Know when Lohri will be celebrated and what is the belief behind celebrating

Know when Lohri will be celebrated and what is the belief behind celebrating this festival, it will be celebrated in Doon with simplicity

Know when Lohri will be celebrated and what is the belief behind celebrating

The festival of social harmony and harmony, this time Lohri will be celebrated with simplicity in home, family and locality. In view of the increasing infection of Corona, various organizing committees have canceled grand events to be held in hotels and pandals. At the same time, to celebrate this sweet festival, people have started shopping in the market.

Lohri, the main festival of North India, is celebrated on the last night of Paush month according to the Hindu calendar. This time this festival will be celebrated on Thursday. In Doon also this festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. On the day of the festival, people dance collectively in the houses and outside the houses by lighting a fire. Due to the normalcy of Corona for the past few months, various organizing committees had made preparations for a grand event for cultural programs, Bhangra and various competitions. Even the venue was selected for this and many hotels were booked, but from the beginning of the new year, the pace of Corona made the events faded.

Harish Narang, State General Secretary of Uttaranchal Punjabi Mahasabha says that it is most important to avoid the speed at which the corona is spreading. In such a situation, the programs to be held this time have been postponed. Bhupendra Chadha, media in-charge of Shyam Sundar Mandir Committee, told that every year Lohri was burnt in the midst of cultural events in the Manbhavan Palace located in Patelnagar. This time it has been appealed to the members of the committee to celebrate this festival among the family only, meet others only when necessary. President of Sada Virsa Sadi Shan Kareer Society, Dr. Amarjeet Kaur Kareer said that this time all the women of the society will celebrate this event at home.

Crowd gathering for shopping in the market

There is no dearth of shopping in the market to celebrate Lohri festival at home. On Thursday, on the day of the festival, there is no more crowd in the market, so that most of the people are gathering in the market for shopping. In Hanuman Chowk, Paltan Bazar, Karanpur Bazar, Premnagar Bazar, Patel Nagar till late Tuesday evening, people made a lot of purchases of Papakarn, Groundnut, Revdi, Tilbuga, Laddu.

Distribute Lohri from a week ago

This festival is especially celebrated in the houses where new marriages have taken place or in whose homes the children’s cries have resonated.¬†They have a tradition of distributing the festival of Lohri among their relatives.¬†This is the reason that such families start the process of distributing Lohri after shopping a week in advance.

Why celebrate Lohri festival

It is believed that the festival of Lohri is celebrated in the joy of harvesting and preparing new food grains. On this day people gather around the fire after lighting a fire in the evening and then walk around it. During this, things made of revdi, groundnut, kheel, chikki, jaggery are put in the fire. After this, songs are sung while sitting here and eating Gajjaks and Rewaris. Some people even dance.

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