Medical science achieved these major achievements in 2019

The year 2019 was a year of achievements for medical science in many ways. There was a lot of work done in both the areas of diagnosis and treatment, due to which there was a ray of hope in the lives of the patients. You and I have been hearing about many of these things for the past several years. Of course no technique, method or treatment in the fields of science and medicine is a day or year achievement. The entire process takes several years. Saying goodbye to this year, learn about some of these special achievements:

Medical Science
Medical Science

The famous French philosopher Voltaire said, “Medicine is the art that entertains the patient until nature recovers him.”¬†Today we have come far ahead of this thing of the 18th century.¬†Now doctors do not look forward to keeping and keeping patients healthy only with the help of nature.¬†They resort to technology for this.¬†The interference of technology in modern medicine is increasing.¬†Today we have come to the era where the difference between man and machine is about to disappear.

Artificial Intelligence will run away from the intelligence of the machine, the disease Sudha has retinopathy of the eyes (retina) problem due to diabetes. After analyzing the photographs of the curtains of thousands of patients like him, an AI machine is telling how much Sudha has retinopathy and what needs to be done for her treatment. Artificial Intelligence is providing efficient services based on algorithms in diagnosing and treating many such diseases.

The doctor is a human being as well as a patient. Till now, humans have understood and treated the disease of humans, in which machines have played only the role of a collaborator. But as Artificial Intelligence (AI) develops, machines will start identifying and treating diseases independently. They will not need the support of any medical educated person or doctor to do these tasks.

Present: So far, doctors have been diagnosing diseases and they also decide the treatment. In both these works, he uses his medical-education and experience.

Future: Machines with artificial intelligence have to learn from a large number of diseases. To catch diseases their patterns have to be identified and then treatment is to be decided. In many tasks, they are gradually becoming equal to human-doctors and they have started doing many things better than them.

Benefits: Ability to diagnose and treat almost like doctors in all areas of medicine. Gradually it will increase further. Then these machines will start working in place of humans.

Drawbacks: Practical use will take time now. Experiments on AI are going on in many diseases. However, the question is that if machines do this, what will happen to the human relationship between doctor and patient? Will the machine be able to provide the human touch during the treatment which gives psychological benefit to the patient at the time of treatment?

Situation in India: Work is underway with Artificial Intelligence in many medical institutes and the results have been encouraging.

Smart medicine will be able to take medicine for sick breath!
Abdul is a asthma patient, but does not want to take an inhaler. They find it more appropriate to control the merge by eating pills while inhaler is effective in 90 percent of asthma patients if used properly. The problem for most patients like Abdul is that they do not know the right way to use inhalers. This is the reason why they find it easier to eat pills taken by mouth.
The problem now is that if Abdul takes oral medications, he will have to take a higher dose. In such a situation, they will be more likely to have side effects of medicines. On the other hand, by using an inhaler, the drug will reach the lungs directly through the breath and thus its side effects will be very less. The good thing is that Abdul now has the option of Bluetooth-enabled smart inhaler. They should learn to use it from a doctor and do not take pills for lung problems. When and at what time the medicine is to be taken from the inhaler, how much is to be taken and whether the previous dose has been taken properly Рall these information will reach their smartphone. In this way Abdul Dama will be able to control better.

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